Birch Dobson Lending Fund (BDLF)

Birch Dobson Lending Fund is an opportunity investment fund dedicated to the preservation and growth of capital for passive investors. Unlike other investment funds, BDLF is private and transparent during the investment process. We do not charge management fees to our passive investors.

Our Promise

No AUM fees to our clients, ever.

Real Assets.

The core investment thesis is Real Assets. The manager of Lending Fund is Birch Dobson LLC a private fund manager for real estate investments. Clients who invest in BDLF will enjoy their capital being secured with real assets such as:

  • 1-4 Family rental properties.
  • Low loan to value debt on investment properties such as apartment buildings and flagged hotels
  • Triple net (NNN) loans to property owners with national and world wide brands as tenants. (Starbucks, Chipotle, CVS )


Hard assets only - Quietly

All of our investments require a real asset to secure any funds. We also structure the investments to be private, meaning the investments made by the fund are non-public and our passive investor client is not publicly tied to any one investment.


Opportunity & Research

All investments must have a clear and concise exit strategy for returning capital to the fund. Our goal is to educate our investor about capital growth and preservation.


Investors cash out first

We understand the nuance to investor trust. We've designed this opportunity for our investors to receive their distributions first, before the fund.


No management fees - Alignment of interest.

The fund does not charge any AUM fees. Meaning, there are no fees for assets under management taken before our passive investor clients receive a distribution.


Tracking, Reporting, & Growing

Investor capital is not co-mingled with funds from outside sources, Allowing for easy reporting and investment tracking.